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Political Videos

Many political advertisements are toxic and focus on the wrong-doings of others, rather than the achievements you are most proud of.


We take a different stance in our political videos and recommend our clients let the general populace know how and why you are best suited to facilitate their community needs.

The following video was done for Palmdale Mayoral candidate Steve Hofbauer, who has selflessly served his community for years and successfully won the election against a 26 year incumbent.

Construction Update Videos

Construction video's are an exceptional way to provide awareness about your current construction project. Whether you are focusing on internal or external communications, video is an exceptional way to show the size and scope of your project.

Informational Videos

In today's market, sales are driven by how your company is best suited to help someone with an immediate need. The best route for this is to educate consumers without trying to sell them.

The following video was done for Clark Pest Control and is part of a series 

Real Estate Videos

Real estate videos have become the norm when it comes to marketing a property. It is an outstanding way to provide home buyers with both a view of the property as well as an insight into the real estate agent/broker.

This property was a custom home in Tehachapi that was situated in a beautiful valley.

Infrastructure Videos

Infrastructure videos can be incredibly informative. If you are a municipality, it is important to let your customers know what their fees pay for. If you are a construction business, such as a pool or roofing company, infrastructure videos can highlight the projects you are most proud of. 

This video shows the California Aqueduct after a rare snowy day in Palmdale.

Educational Videos

The Tehachapi Loop is considered one of the seven engineering marvels of the world, the Tehachapi Loop eases a steep mountain grade by having trains circle back on top of themselves.

This video offers gorgeous panoramic views and integrated subtitles set to a playful tune that sucks the viewer in.

Event Videos

Event videos can be critical when you are trying to sell tickets and secure vendors for future events. How do you show the magnitude of the event or its attendance? Video, especially captured from a drone, can a unique perspective to tell your event's story.

This video highlights the magnitude of Gracefest in Palmdale, an annual Faith-based concert with a massive following.

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