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"Public opinion is like cement. It can be shaped easily when fresh, but let it harden and you will need jackhammers to make the slightest change"

Land Use Public Affairs

The California Environmental Quality Act, also known as CEQA (see-qwah), can make the project approval process almost impossible to navigate. Social media has only complicated the development process. Existing opposition groups now regularly reach out to new opposition groups to help them organize quickly and efficiently.

It is criti


Our team harnesses years of experience, strategic planning, opinion leader and decision maker contacts, community outreach and on the ground assistance to shepherd your project to approval and success. We have 


Political Campaigns

In today's connected world, it takes more than looking good on TV to win elections. Our team will help you build messaging that effectively communicates your key issues and vision, then leverage modern channels to broadcast that messaging and be involved in the community discussions about it.


Student's attending their neighborhood school is no longer something that can be taken for granted. Modern schools must attract and keep students in their classrooms through sustained outreach with parents and the community. Our team can help ensure your school makes the grade when it comes to crafting your educational reputation.


Every municipal agency's projects, policy change and popular opinion depend on community support won through effective outreach, strategic messaging and community partnerships. Our team is ready apply hard earned experience and wisdom to your agency to maximize your effectiveness and maintain your position as a community servant.


When the risk is high, so often is the reward. In situations like these, it is imperative to know exactly where you stand in community opinion and the best ways maintain and improve your standing. Polling is much more than asking a few questions. Let us help you ask the right people the right questions so you can get the right information.

public Relations

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