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"Public opinion is like cement. It can be shaped easily when fresh, but let it harden and you will need jackhammers to make the slightest change"

The California Environmental Quality Act, also known as CEQA (see-qwah), can make the project approval process almost impossible to navigate. Social media has only complicated the development process. Existing opposition groups now regularly reach out to new opposition groups to help them organize quickly and efficiently.


It is critical to any project's success to form a positive public opinion early in the development process, around which community support groups can be built. It is not enough to visit a few meeting and community events, this effort requires constant cultivation by a team that knows the local political climate, opinion leaders and stakeholders.


Our team harnesses years of strategic planning and community outreach experience, combined with a vast network of local and regional opinion leaders, decision-makers and stakeholder groups. We can provide the on the ground assistance you need to help shepherd your project to approval and success.


Our team has experience in retail, residential, master-planned community, educational and renewable energy project development. We are ready to stand on our own for your project or join your own internal team to enhance and augment your efforts while providing a local focal point for communication.

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